My weekend’s knitting :blush:

Barbie&Joe (25k image)

More stuff out of Nicky’s book. The poncho is not quite hers. I modified her pattern and knitted it on dps. Barbie got a hat to match (my design… that was a tricky one! LOL) and a new skirt. Joe was in desperate need of civvies so I got out the left-over sock yarn and made him a new shirt. Also my design. I was going to knit him some pants but the only ones Nicky has in the book are shorts and it’s too cold today for that so he’s still wearing his dungarees. And a new red watch cap for his little blond pin-head. Aren’t they a couple. Barb has to sit because she rather towers over Joe. He’s much more macho than pretty Ken, but shorter! Guess I’ll have to get Ken out and make him a smart new jacket or vest for Christmas. Well, you probably guessed that I’m a Barbie fan. I probably have more Barbies than most any little girl you know. Oh well, I never could wear the kind of dresses she does so I enjoy making them for her! lol Living vicariously though my dolls! I know… Get a Life, Lady! :laugh:

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