Topsey Turvy doll

topsey_turvey_twinsa (61k image)
Well, I got my topsey truvey doll done at last. I’m still not happy with the faces, but if I keep changing them I’m going to wear hole in them! lol It’s Cinderella as the poor sister and as the future Mrs. Charming. Ella in her apron looks okay, but in her ball gown she looks a bit too smug at having caught the prince. Well, all in all I’m pleased with her. The doll was made with the Tiny Weaver square and is about 12″ tall. I used three Quilt Weaver squares to make her skirt. It needed to be a bit full in order to tuck her short arms in neatly. Her hair is a fat braid first in a bun and then in a more elaborate chignon. I was going to give her a tiara in place of her glass slipper but didn’t have anything appropriate except my rhinestone necklace, which she ain’t gettin’, so I decided she’d just have to wait until after the wedding and get one from the prince! 😀
Now I guess I’ll go back to working on the blanket and the project I thought of for next christmas.

One thought on “Topsey Turvy doll

  1. Ooohh, she turned out lovely!!! I love the little patches on her work girl skirt! And her ball gown is just beautiful too! Now 6 yo dd is bugging me to make a pretty one like yours! LOL I guess we’re going to be digging through my squares again today. 🙂 Everybody has an odds and ends box of squares, right? 😀


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