Sunday after Xmas

Crazy_Quilt_19 (27k image)
Been snowing all day and still at it heavily. Forecast for more. Randy has almost finished both the books he bought me for Xmas. I got started on one. Made this block for my Crazy Quilt using some small diamonds I wove for the web page picture. I think it’s cute. It’s about 10″ square, I think. I also got the sleeves knit for my sweater. Did all the household chores that require electricity, just in case. It’s gone off a couple times today but only for a few minutes. If it snows all night I’ll be really surprised if it’s still on in the morning, tho.
Well, I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas presents and your company, if you are lucky enough to have some.
I’m off to fix my favorite dinner… left-over turkey! Had turkey sandwich for lunch and I think we’ll have hot turkey sandwiches for dinner. Yummm!

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