More sock yarn left-overs

Trolls (43k image)
I bought these little guys (they’re 5″ tall less the hair) in one of those stores that sell stuff that didn’t sell elsewhere and one of those times when Himself was gone from home I spent my evenings knitting them a wardrobe with left-over sock yarns. I think they’re awfully cute little dust collectors! 🙄

2 thoughts on “More sock yarn left-overs

  1. Oooh, those little guys and gals are sooo cute in their new duds! 🙂 I used to collect them a looong time ago. Wonder where they got packed away at! Huuummm… must go take a look through a few boxes.


  2. I had to give the guys haircuts because their fake hair was decentragating. (Is that spelled right?) but I think it turned out for the best, They look good in flat-tops


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