Mother Nature doing Extreme Snow.

2-1-08a (141k image)

Well, it seems so to me. We have had more but not for a long time! This is just the berm outside the kitchen, but it is usually not much higher than my knees. There’s a bit over 3 foot out in the open but we’re fore-casted to get more tomorrow. We got a foot yesterday. If it hadn’t rained on it last week there’d likely be 4′ out there now.
You can see, however, why I had such a time yesterday digging a path for Jack to get outside to pee. Poor old guy can hardly get up and down so I know he’s never get out in this. Even Cori was floundering & she’s a lot lighter. But tossing the shovelfulls up over that was a trick and they usually just rolled down behind me! Himself did this lovely job when he got home. Today, I have to bundle up and go dig my car out or I may not see it again before spring! 😦 lol

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