A beautiful day

road1 (181k image)

The air was so clean this morning, the sky so blue that it seemed like you could see around the world!The snow blower had been up cleaning up the edges of the road and I felt like I was on my own little freeway, like between those noise walls they put in the the city! 😀 Just driving down a white tunnel by myself. There was three utility trucks in a convoy, the power co. out to repair what they fixed temporarily during the storm, I speculate. A DOT loader scraping snow out of an intersection, a USFS pickup, a fish & game rig and three assorted ‘civilian’ vehicles. That was all the traffic in 40 miles of ‘my’ freeway! They were all going the other way, too.
My art class was fun & interesting, The sunshine is warn and spring-like, It’s just been a totally lovely day. I hope your day is also! 🙂

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