Now what the heck is she up to?!

recyclesh1 (314k image)

Heheheh :hehe: I’m having the best time with Art this year! Got my stuff in Highlands Gallery for the fiber show. My major piece doesn’t photograph worth a darn. At least not with my ‘skills’, but it’s Titled “Application of Theory” is is handspun wool & alpaca & gold wire woven on the 12 and 3.5″ squares. They are mounted on a black gessoed canvas and I was delighted with it. This stuff in the photo is for the April show at the Downtown Gallery for ‘recycled art’. Or art from recycled? I don’t remember the wording but I’ll have a couple for them, too. It just occurred to me that I should have Randy make up a large square of the Philippine Mahogany from the Craftsmen era houseboat that he remodeled in San Francisco Bay. I have some yarn I spun from carding waste and yarn snippets to weave the square with. That’d be the dandy!
It’s for the same show but you’ll have to wait and see what the above is all about. 😉

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