Fiber2show (78k image)

I wove this little piece for the fiber arts show at one of our local galleries. It’s not very complicated but I like the way it looks. The loom is one Randy made from our black walnut tree that was downed in the flood of 1997. The yarn is some handspun wool but I’ve forgotten the breed. I wanted to do a couple in wire, but I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get then off the loom and the loom was not intended to be a part of that idea.
Other than this the only pieces I have for this show are a felted purse, a little bead purse with an inkle strap, and a blanket/bedspread, none of which I have pictures of yet.
My best ‘art’ ideas are for the recycled show in March. I love recycled art! I’m not going to tell you, tho, in case there’s a local reading this to steal my brilliant ideas! I don’t get enough of these to share. :laugh:
And… I’ve already got one for next years fiber show… unless I get it done and have the opportunity to show it before then, of course.

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