Yes, I’m still here.

loomshop2 (175k image)

Okay, Nora, here I am posting as I promised! :laugh:

Nothing very exciting happening this week. Sunshine, tho! That means we can get caught up a bit on all the stuff that went undone while it snowed. Not that the snow has gone away by any means. We did get to town Friday. Himself needed a haircut and his truck an oil change. I just went to get out of snow country for a few hours. The flowering quince was blooming in Redding… The first sign of spring! 😀

We worked in the loom shop today. Here’s a few of the looms we turned out. My wrist is sore from hammering nails. Now I get to box them up so he can take them to the post office tomorrow. So if one of these is yours… it’ll be on it’s way soon. If you don’t see it here, there are more in the making!

Anyway, it had been awhile since I posted so just wanted to say we are doing fine here and I hope none of your family was in the way of those awful storms back east.
Best wishes!

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