Red sky in morning….

RedSky (106k image)

They’ve been predicting some storms again and it looks like Mother Nature is of the same opinion. Not nearly as impressive in this little photo as it is looking out through my window, even looking though the trees. We’ve had almost two weeks of sunny blue skies so guess we can’t complain. The snow had done some shrinking and melting and, except for the mud, that’s good. Randy’s been busy helping it do that and we can turn in the driveway now so I don’t have to back in every time, and can even drive to the shop.
He’s been busy in the shop, too. filling orders and building up a stock for the summer since we’ve decided to go to Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR this summer, after all. And we’re working on a new loom. One that you can weave like that little plastic or wood loom we all know about and you can only find on ebay these days. I think we’ve got it, too.:)
But now I’ve come down with somebodies ‘bug’. Sore throat and headache… today is the first Red Hat get together in quite a while, but I think I’ll be missing it. 😦
Hope you’re all feeling well & staying warm!

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