Fruits of my labors!

morels (146k image)

Since I mowed these guys down with the lawnmower this afternoon I figured I may as well add them to tonight’s spaghetti sauce. The rain and sudden warm spell has made it a good year for morels. And nobody got around to raking the leaves last fall and I think they like that, too, even if the grass doesn’t! 😀 Oh well, can’t please everyone, huh? It’s 83 degree this afternoon and I have to say I like it.
Going to spend a few days in Rogue River with my sister and catch up on the grocery shopping while I’m at it. Taking the new truck, which I only today got to drive. Compared to his 17 year old ‘work’ truck, this one drives like a dream! It’s a diesel, the first one of those I’ve driven, but I think I have the hang of it. Winter might be challenging… :O
But that’s a long way off. The baby Jays in the rose bush outside my window should be fledgling any time now. I’ll have to keep an eye on the cats.
Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine. 🙂

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