New window sills!

windowsills1 (131k image)

It’s been a year now and I’ve given up on him ever getting to it so I just got out the old tape measure and went for it. (With the urging and initial help from Sis) And now all I have to do is paint. Got the paint, or rather stain, for the outside of the cabin, too, and will tackle that next week.
I get to show my paintings in this month’s Art Cruise, too. That’s pretty exciting! I’ll take them in tomorrow, as I have an appt with the Chiropractor. I’ll be at the Goldrush Jewlers. It’s my second time. Last month I was with my classmates at Highlands Art Center, Lots of people turn out for the cruise.

But I think I’m taking the rest of today off! I’m pooped! :laugh:

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