Groomed4a (135k image)

Me’n the dogs went to town today to visit the beauty parlor. Here we are at home again neatly washed, clipped and pretty again. I think Jack is the winner, tho. Too bad he won’t stay so pretty and white for more than the time it takes him to get back down to his favorite hole in the dirt at the foot of the oak tree. But at least he should not be leaving a trail of white hair behind him as he walks! 😀 Cori should be lighter also and I lost a few inches of winter growth (off my head) as well!
It was a very successful day in town, actually. I had time, while I was waiting for them, to go to the chiropractor for help with Gardener’s Back (he says he sees a lot of that this time of year!) I got signed up for the fall semester of watercolor painting, had the hair cut and manicure, got the lumber for the window sills in the studio, and at the hardware, got paint for same and 5 gallons of sealer/stain to paint the cabin. And the accessories that go with that job. Also got the deer fencing so’s I can plant my tiny garden this weekend. Had lunch and bought a few groceries. Then got gas and headed home. Managed not to get stuck behind any of the many, many boats heading this way for the weekend on the lake! All in all a pretty good days work!
Hope your weekend is starting off nicely as well! 🙂

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