From Barb’s new book

BarbsAlthea2 (98k image)

Just got Barb Herdman’s new tri weaving book and she has done a really great job. The book it worth the price, whether you are new or have been at it for some time. It will certainly rekindle your enthusiasm for tri-weaving. 🙂
The photo above is a weave called Althea and was made to help with thinner yarns, but I just grabbed the first two I came to in order to try it and they were nearly worsted weight but I think this makes a great little check. I can hardly wait to try it with that linen ‘thread’ I bought! And that’s just one of the techniques she illustrates in the book.
And thank you, Barb, for listing us as a resource.
You’ll find the book here. It doesnt take long to get your hard copy, so if you don’t have really fast internet, I recommend that route. 😛

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