Ready for crafts

studio (195k image)

Dunno if anyone’s coming tomorrow but if they are, I’m ready. Well, I will be once I run the vacuum. I got all the wintering plants back out to their summer habitats and just have the winter’s detritus to clean up. You can see two of my antique chairs. Wish I had a bigger room then I could have my love seat in there, too. And I have a great eclectic collection of wooden dining chairs that would look great in a dining room, but alas… no room in the studio and my dining room has space for three chairs and a possible 4th if we scoot the table into the center of the room.
I hear the pileated woodpecker knocking. I went over and checked my neighbor’s house, he’s replacing the siding where the flicker chewed it up in his early spring courting frenzy! Noel was not happy, nor was his bank account to replace all that nice cedar siding! Anyway, he was safe this time. This big guy is out in the woods somewhere, doing as he ought. 🙂

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