Wrapping things up.

Final (124k image)

Sorta. I finished the weaving projects for the lady’s book but I still have to write up the project. And I finished my final for the painting class but now I see that big black hole in the tree is right smack dab in the center of things. A no-no in composition. It wasn’t suppose to be right there but there’s nothing I can do about it now. I could paint another picture. I may. It’s not due until the 23rd so there’s time. I’ll think about it. Meantime this one is entitled “Taking a break Under an Old Ponderosa on the Pacific Crest Trail One Hot August Afternoon When The Resident Didn’t Appear to be Home”.
It’s been drizzling rain most of the day and got cold enough I had to build a fire. Himself is finishing up a rush job so will probably be late and hungry and tired so it’s a perfect day for that pot of veggie soup I made yesterday. I can heat it up whenever he arrives.
But the world is sure green out there. Hope yours is, too. 🙂

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