Happy New Year!

weave (160k image)

Got a lot of weaving done these last 2 1/2 days since the power has been out! The print in my book was a bit small for reading by lamp light tho I did get in a few chapters. I’m not saying what I’m making here because I have a Project in mind and it seems best to me to keep these things “under my hat” until they’re proven! ! 💡
That last storm didn’t flood us (knock knock!) but it was heavy. Sis calls it Glop which is a very descriptive word. Heavy, looks like snow but is very blue because of the 95% water content! My poor willow is broken, there were trees, limbs, and power poles down everywhere and the PUD guys worked pretty close to 37 straight hours trying to get us back up. They sent them home to sleep last night so they didn’t get us (at the end of the line) up until this morning. And guess what? It’s Glopping again! 😦 Well, it’s better than flooding, there has been a pause between then to allow the streams to run-off a bit.
Grandmother has lived in her kitchen which is the only place with heat when the power’s off and has done very well, but will be glad not to have to go down that cold hallway to the Little Room.
Meantime I’m getting my electronic and electrical stuff done this morning… just in case! lol

Hope 2006 is starting Bright and Warm for you!

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