Casting on my Pi

Pi_cast_on (155k image)
Okay, I gave in. I decided not to join the anniversary Pi KAL because I have too many projects and also I could not get the pattern of my desire to work! :crazy: but… oh well. I may or may not get though it but I’ve started, anyway. And speaking of starts… I’m sure Ms Emily is a clever knitter but I can’t seem to get her cast on to work either (it must not be my year for knitting! :confused: lol) but I came up with my own that I think is much less complicated and looks quite nice in MHO. The pattern starts with 9 CO so I cast on three and knitted three into each stitch. Each on a separate dp and went from there. It lays flat and there aren’t any noticeable lumps or holes. So this is how far I am. Only time will tell if it gets any bigger! :laugh:
Good luck with yours!

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