SiskiyouSummit-1-22-06 (15k image)

This is one of the passes I have to cross to visit Sis. I got to spend an extra day with her this last time because it was snowing and chains only. Here it is in bright sunshine and still wearing it’s new winter coat. Very pretty. I wasn’t able to get a pic of Scott Mt. pass this time but it was also extraordinarily beautiful! The crews had both lanes open when I came back but going up I negotiated a single grader blades width, hoping there was no one coming the other way! lol Lucked out. Not much going on here, knitting, weaving, laundry… you know. But just wanted to say Hi to any visitors. Maybe we’ll try switching “comments” back on and give it a try. There was so much spam we had to turn that option off. 😦 My email is dorleska (at) tds.net if anybody wants to email. I do enjoy hearing from you all. 🙂
Hope you’re all staying warm!

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