A long, dull January Sunday…

CorisBored1 (71k image)

It was so slushy outside today that even Cori spent most of it indoors. Snowed awhile, rained awhile, melted awhile, and them did it all over again. It’s raining at the moment. She had all the naps she could handle so we played tug-a-war with the ‘cat burglar’ (his corpse is there in the background) and now it’s catch. I finally got the ball under the dishwasher where she can’t reach it so she went to bed with Randy.
I didn’t get much accomplished today, either. Worked in the shop, knitted a bit, laundry, finished up a woven project. That’s about it. Now I’m listening to Harmony Square (Barbershop singing) on XM radio before I take my book to bed.

Hope the sun is shining on you! 🙂

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