I’ve read that singing keeps you young but….

Songalong (204k image)

Here we are warbling away on Christmas in 1978. I can guarantee it didn’t keep me young! lol That’s me in the green there in front. Sister Rosy in yellow concentrating on the accompaniment. X-sis in law in blue, and the one who looks like a hungry baby bird is sister Elsie. I’m pretty sure the red shirt in the background is brother John strumming along on his guitar The lady in the striped shirt is Momma, our soprano. We used to be pretty good, actually. Rosy kept it up and has recently sung with a community chorus. Elsie sings with her church group, as did Momma. Johnny is a guitar maker and singer, too. He’s had a band and his original music is featured on our weaving DVD. I croak along with the radio these days but too many years of The Bad Habit pretty much took away my singing career. Still, it was fun and I think there still survives some taped evidence.
Ahhh… the Good Old Days!

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