The new treadmill

treadmillfirstday (86k image)

Well, I did it. And himself got it together so I did my first 20 minutes today. Petty wimpy, I’m sure. I started slowly as they recommended and got to a top speed of 2.5mph. The machine said I went 3/4 of a mile and burned 80 some calories. That doesn’t even cover breakfast but I’m told the effect keeps burning extra ones all day. And I’m sure it’ll get better. I did do the heart pulse thing but I forgot what it was and don’t “get” that anyway. I’ll have to do some research. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t much. I was just breaking a sweat but my legs could feel it. I’m told to pansy along for a couple weeks. Well, maybe. 🙄 However, I feel justified because it’s snowing this morning. I couldn’t go out to walk, I’d freeze my buns off! On second thought… lol :laugh:
You can see Robin checking it out there at the bottom of the photo. He was NOT impressed. I didn’t see Taz at all. She hid when I got out the vacuum and hasn’t come out yet! 😛

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