My new socks

mo-sockPair3 (137k image)

I bought this yarn and the mohair at BSG and swatched on #3 & #6 bamboo dps. I wanted fat socks to fit my fat shoes. My regualr socks are too thin for these too wide shoes, but that’s okay because now I can wear my ‘fat’ socks with my shoes instead of having to save them all for winter boots. Anyway, I decided to go with the #6’s because I thought the fabric with the #3’s was a bit stiff. But as you can see, I have plenty of yarn left so I think I’ll do another pair with the smaller needles. I want to try those socks where you knit the heel in last to make the heel and toe replaceable. It’s usually the toe I wear out first, but mostly I just want to try the after-thought heels. I love my colorful fuzzy tops. Dunno how well the locks will stay knitted in, but even if it all sheds out, I’ll still have nice socks. 💡 I’m thinking I’ll spin up the rest of the mo, maybe ply it with some rayon thread I have into a sort of tail-spun. I’ve never done tail spun, but hey! How hard can it be? 😛
Meantime, I have some looms to finish and some drywall to do… 😥

2 thoughts on “My new socks

  1. Hey Mom,
    Love the new socks, even if they do need a hair cut! Doesn’t that tickle?
    Miss you bunches!!


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