A closer view of the border

newrugborder3a (100k image)

I probably should have flipped the stencil each time but I didn’t think of that until I was halfway around. Oh well… 🙄

3 thoughts on “A closer view of the border

  1. I really like the stencil. On that large a stencil-and on the floor-flipping it may have been lost on the viewer-I think it looks fine the way it is. You’ve given me some ideas now for my studio…. How did you do the shading?


  2. Thanks, Trish. I sprayed lighty, it’s a dark brown on a light brown rug and then I used the gold to sort of blend. You don’t want to get heavy handed. But the hardest part was cutting out the stencil and spacing, I should have done my math more carefully.


  3. You have got to be just about the crafty-est person I know!!!! The trellis and vines are ~~~beautiful~~~!!! I agree no flipping was needed! It matches up just right, I think! Now how to you sign a work of art like that? ;-D


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