Making progress… truely!

The_sorting_room (161k image)

:O It looks like a mess but I’ve managed to empty 4 bins by organizing and eliminating. That white box in the center is full of short bits, and dirty bit’s, and skeins in such tangled mess that they can’t be saved. There’s a big box of stuff for Goodwill but most importantly, the yarns are now in an order that will let me find what I need without having to search every one of these bins! There are 12 bins in the hallway closet and the new shelves Randy is going to put up this weekend (I hope!) should hold another twelve. Grandmother’s pantry is still home to the stuff I bought from Pat, and it will probably mostly stay there awhile yet. I have about 7 bins of cheap acrylics that will become vet pet blankets as soon as I can get back to projects. I made some a couple years ago and my vet likes them. They are machine washable, sanitizable, and the poor sick critters like them and the vet never has enough. He can toss them if they get too bad and not be out a lot, either. But anyway, you can see that I really am making progress. Today I organize the spinning stash and I should be ready for that trip to Goodwill. Oh yes, the timer sitting on the front bin is to remind me to move the sprinklers in the yard! I have one more week to get everything pretty before Sis comes to visit. I told promised her it’d be done by the time she arrived. Cross you fingers for me! 😀

2 thoughts on “Making progress… truely!

  1. LOL now I feel better! I have only four of those big bins full of yarn and fiber! Now I will have to direct dh to your blog and show him what really having yarn and fiber is all about! 😀 I’m glad to hear your getting all of yours sorted out. It sure does make a mess of itself doesn’t it! 😉


  2. Oh Linda, you poor dear! You have hardly any yarn! lol But you see, mine is Business Supplies! That’s not the same as Just Stash, you know! But… I porbably won’t be buying much yarn for awhile. Say… the rest of my life!


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