What I’m doing instead of posting here!

newrugborder2a (129k image)

😀 I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but the walls are a light lavender. I have to use the old brown rug until Randy gets a chance to finish the floor later this summer. (I hope!) But it needed something to disguise the kool-aid, rust and (other!?!) stains left on it by the previous owner and the grandkids last summer. So while watching the home & Garden channel one day…! lol Why not paint a rug? On purpose, I mean. So a piece of old lattice made the trellis in the center, some painters tape for the border and I cut the stencil for the vines from some brown wrapping paper, and stuck it down with some of Randy’s photo mount spray adhesive. I had to recoat it half way though but it worked fine. Barely made it around before my can of brown ran dry but it’s enough. The thin spots will be under the beds. I think it did a pretty good job of camouflaging the stains. The colors are brown and gold. I had purple and green but the colors were too bright and I didn’t like them.

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