tapeing (227k image)

It’s getting done! I’m excited! I think I’m buying paint tomorrow, tho I don’t suppose he’ll have the texturing done by then, it should be ready to start on Monday, at least. Or maybe Tuesday! :laugh:
You can see the bed frames out by the alder tree, the mattresses are stacked under tarps on the picnic table. Couldn’t get them in the main room, it’s so stacked full already!
Is this “the light at the end of the tunnel?’! :laugh:

2 thoughts on “Whooee!

  1. Yaaayyyy! I am so happy for you! It’s always nice to have a bit of extra room.

    Man, I really haven’t visited since the 4th! Your lamb looks lovely, and those fat socks look great too with the spangles of color around the top!

    Hope you have a happy painting day sometime this week! Can’t wait to see the finished room with everything all moved in!


  2. Thanks, Linda. The dry wall guy got sick yesterday so I’m not painting in there yet but meanwhile I’m getting the old scuffed up brown bunkbeds painted white. I think I’m going to give them an antiquing glaze, too, just to cover the imperfections in my paint job! lol
    The socks are fun and I finished a second pair with the leftover yarn, using a faux cable as ribbing. They turned out nicely, too.
    Stay cool!


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