Before (164k image)

We finally have the room done! But… the drywall guy who promised to have the taping and texturing done by the weekend, didn’t show yesterday and didn’t call and wasn’t home when I called him last evening. 😦 I know he has the reputation, but it was still disappointing. I am making a list of paint and stuff I need once he’s done and then I can get some of this stuff out of here and will be able to Walk Though My Studio Again!! 😛 😀
As you can see it’s almost solid stuff! To the right the floor is stacked with bins and boxes with just a narrow isle to the front door. The door you see in the photo is in the new room. 💡 I’m asking for magnetic vibs, to draw the guy over and keep him stuck to the job until it’s done! :laugh:
Thanks for your help!!

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