My new skirt

skirt2 (38k image)
It’s an FO! Here is my skirt. I knitted this on the ISM. Originally my pattern called for 6 gores but I ended up taking two of them out (I did swatch but obviously something went awry! lol)so it is four gores. It fits well and with the crocheted lace for the hem it hangs straight and added about 3″ to the length.I’m quite pleased with it! It only used up about half my denim yarn, tho so I’m going to have to make a poncho, I guess! lol 🙄

7 thoughts on “My new skirt

  1. I never thought of making a skirt on the machine! Just wanted to say it’s so attractive….great work! I also love the crochet edging, is it something you could post to the list? I’d be proud to wear that skirt…wishing you many compliments!


  2. I love that skirt. What program did you use to generate the pattern? Did you put the gores together with mattress stitch or do it on your ISM? I’m just full of questions.


  3. I really that skirt! I don’t know how to make anything on a knitting machine, I’m still working on a strip with no holes. *G* But I bet it could be done with traditinal knitting, just might take a bit longer.


  4. Wow, this is so beautiful! I am inspired. I don’t have a machine, but I can certainly try to knit something up once I am further done my Christmas knitting. Wish me luck…


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