Red Cap

crochetedballcapFO3 (33k image)
Sorry to look so grim! These self-portraits are difficult to take well! lol But I think it shows the cap pretty good. And I can see out! My pretty felt red hat gives me a headache because it has such a low brim that I’m always straining to peer out from under it. This cap is going to work great! Thanks to all who helped in the search for a pattern!

3 thoughts on “Red Cap

  1. Hi Hazel! I love your hats, can’t decide if I like the tree or the baseball cap more!

    Will you post directions for the baseball cap? Crochet is okay too!


  2. Thanks Rose & Annette, It turned out just what I wanted, but I don’t think I want to do it production style! lol I’ll just send them to the same place I found the pattern and they can get to hookin’! lol But I’ll try to work up the changes I made.


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