A real yarn…

yarn2a (31k image)

The ample knitter’s have had a thread about sneaking yarn into the house because of family objections to stash. I don’t have to do that and here a bit of proof. Randy came home today with a surprise for me. He’d been in the Goodwill and made a “haul”! He paid $20 for all this yarn. There’s one big grocery bag filled with “denim”, it’s acrylic, I haven’t looked to see what brand yet, and the other bags are bigger than 5 gallon buckets. There’s wool and mo and all sorts of man-made fibers. It’s going to take some time just to see what’s there! And then a place to put it until I can use it up. I don’t think I can keep up with his yarn buying at this rate!

2 thoughts on “A real yarn…

  1. As always love your blog. Your pictures are beautiful. Fall is my fav time of year,
    Randy’s stash is neat- Steve did things like that too.
    Happy Holidays
    Linda S.


  2. You could always stash it at my house! LOL Give Randy a big ol hug for being such a great guy for bringing home such goodies!!!

    I swear I will get my act together and stitch up the squares I’ve made sometime before Christmas!!! I am dying to get one of the diamond looms too. So much to do so little time! LOL


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