Charity Bears

WebsterBears2 (59k image)

My LYS, Websters in Ashland, doles out yarn for a Charity Bear knitting for a local childrens hospital. I didn’t knit mine, of course. They’re woven and felted. This dark maroon color doesn’t photgraph very well but “Mom and the babies are pretty derned cute”, she said! lol I’ll get them boxed up and in the mail tomorrow to be sure they make the deadline. I don’t know when I’ll get up there next. And it depends on the weather a lot of times since there are three possibly snowy passes betwixt us.
I’ve been a busy gal. One FO on the Xmas list and another almost done. Both woven, one with a bit of knitting to finish.
Sposed to get down into the 20’s tonight. Looks like it will, too. Sis says it was at her place last night. We did hit 29.6 just before dawn but I think it’ll be sooner tonight.
Y’all stay warm! 😀

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