A Snowy surprise!

Rosys_snow (73k image)
I took this photo this morning in Rogue River. You see there is not an alpaca or donkey in sight! They all had sense enough to stay in the barn. It wasn’t exactly a blizzard and was already melting by the time Sis and I left for Medford to do some Christmas shopping but it did sorta make it feel a bit more Christmassy. I got to creep down Scott Mt. (didn’t take my camera) because the whole north side was ice clear to the bottom! 4-wheel drive and 10mph. coming back this even it was gone, thank goodness.Well, we had a wonderful time and I think I have all my shopping taken care of. Except for the fruitcake. I’ll order it on-line.
Randy’s in the shop now so if you have looms in mind for anyone, better get your orders in soon. We are going to try to get everything out on time!

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