My Baseball cap

crochetedballcapFO4 (40k image)
I’m modeling it in the next photo but I wanted you to see it ‘cute’ first! lol This little red nosed guy and I wear the same size hats. The photo on the right is trying to show the back where I modified the pattern to give it the hole in the back like Real Baseball caps have. I crocheted the strap, too and gave it a red heart button, which I see I missed in the picture. Oh well. Actually I made several changes in the pattern to suit me. Don’t we all?! lol I think I’m going to make another, maybe one row longer and of all the same kind of yarn. This one is made from three different scraps of red but Sis and I are going shopping next week so I’ll buy some ‘on purpose’ for the cap. I’m also going to try to write up the changes I made so’s I can do it again.

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