Raining fish and frogs!

Well, not really. Used to do that once in awhile when I lived in Florida years ago, but never seen it here. But we are all delighted to see it raining hard enough that the Fire Service people are considering the fires to be OUT!  

I finished my Antimacassar yesterday but was not able to load it here and it kept timing out. So I’ll try again! I added a 14″ triangle to the top to hang over the back of the chair to keep it in place and still let the whole picture show. I’m not really very happy with the additional stuff on the top left but not unhappy enough to rip it out and do over. Worked a SC in white around the edge just to finish it off neatly. Now I just have to find a shiny black button to give him an eye. Sister insists that he needs one in spite of the fact that it’s probably not going to show.

So I hope you are all making some headway, maybe even starting to assemble? Hope to hear some progress reports!

Remember, this weeks prize is a 4″ Multi triangle loom! The dusty one in the photo is mine, you’ll get a new un-dusty one!

Row two is the most complicated bit and that is really not that hard once you look at how it’s put together. It’s just overlapping triangles!

24 thoughts on “Raining fish and frogs!

    • Techniques? Pretty much either a back stitch, I think it’s called or a running stitch as in… it looks like it needs a stitch here. I don’t do this often enough to be more than a rank armature at it. I’m sure you’ll see some much better work in the final projects here! But thank you for liking it!


  1. Looks wonderful- cardinals are one of my favorites. Unfortunately they are not native to Utah so I don’t get a chance to see them 🙁


  2. Love watching this project come to life! The addition of the triangle, the embroidery and yes a shiny black button eye would look great.


  3. Hi, thank you for the pattern, I have white squares done, but away for a visit this weekend so didn’t get any further. Now to start on some triangles.


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