WAL week three already.

Turns out week three is half gone and I am already late post it. Well, you all either have most of you weaving done and re starting assembly or you are already putting it off and are probably not going to finish. You know who you are! How many woven UFOs have you got?! I’ll bet 99% of us have at least one. But now you’ve got an investment in yarn and time, you may as well finish and have something nice to show for it, right? So if you are behind, get it out and make another go!



Yeah, I have a few, too. But I manage to finish two projects for this one knowing you were all watching me! I’m watching your guys, too!

Well, this weeks prize will be a couple of my books. I haven’t decided which yet but I’ll pick a couple that I think most people might be interested in weaving. But again, post your comment here to be in the drawing!


27 thoughts on “WAL week three already.

  1. I love that suitcase that you have your looms in! I have a few (maybe more😂) squares that were wove. Just because I liked to weave. One of these days (if I live long enough) I may get them turned into a completed project (just have to decide what the project is going to be). Thanks for keeping us on track for completing this one.

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  2. I too am sadly behind. My get up and go seems to have gotten up and left! I promise myself to get moving! Big hugs to you and yours from Michigan!


  3. I have just two more squares to weave for the Cardinal! I do have one other weaving UFO – my 2018 temperature blanket! I didn’t realize you had published books! I don’t think I have any weaving books except maybe one older one from the 1950s or so unless I gave that one away before I got into weaving.


  4. They are self published, Monica. I haven’t tried to get any professionally done. I understand from what other’s have said unless you are a Big Name it is an expensive process. But I do the best I can with them and all the ideas, instructions, and pictures are there.


  5. I think one must actually start weaving/knitting/crocheting/quilting a project for it to be eligible to become a UFO. I do not count buying supplies (looms, needles, hooks, yarn, fabric, patterns, etc) as the start of a project so I don’t have as many UFOs.


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