Sharing a nice letter from a weaver!

Jody gave me permission some time ago to share her little story with Weavers here. I know exactly how she feels about weaving on the loom and I know a lot of you feel the same way but it is really nice to hear you say so from time to time. I hope this WAL has inspired some of you to dust off your looms and enjoy this relaxing and creative craft once again.
“Hazel please forgive me, but I must tell you a  story about your looms.     I don’t know when I purchased a 12” loom from you, maybe 2 or 3 years ago.   I really can’t remember, but I had such a great time in the evenings making these wash cloths.   I loved them and I loved weaving them.  You would not believe the number of wash cloths I had made.   I gave them to my daughters, to friends as Christmas gifts in a basket of goodies.   One of my friends absolutely loves them for her facial wash cloth.  Well anyway, I ran out of steam as it turned out as I was making them day and night.  I put the loom back for a while.  
Jumping forward to this past year.   My husband and I had decided to move up closer to our youngest daughter–she is 42 years old.  I have been working on our house, downsizing, packing away things to make the house a bit more appealing to prospective buyers.   Well a year ago this past August I fell–ouch—I am 73 and have strong bones praise the Lord for that, but they tell me I had very deep extensive bruising and it would take a while for me to get back on my feet- maybe about a year.  I was tickled when I finally could get up and start accomplishing some cooking and cleaning and packing again.   Me being me has to have a project of some kind going.   I decided the perfect thing would be to make some more wash cloths, besides all mine were looking pretty sad.  Well, I searched high and low and could not find my 12″ loom.  😦   So I thought okay I know it is here somewhere and since I can’t find it I will order another loom.   I saw you had the 14″ so I ordered that thinking WOW that will give me a larger size to create larger cloths.  So I ordered it.  When it arrived I immediately started making cloths again.  After making a half dozen or so I decided that these were a bit too large for what I wanted.   Finally I gave in—I told my husband, the best way for me to find my 12″ is to order another 12″.  haha.   So I did.  I was as excited as a kid on Christmas day when my 12″ arrived all safe and sound.   I immediately sat down and started making wash cloths.   I don’t know why, but all my worries go away and pleasant thoughts dance through my head as I weave.   I have several rigid heddle looms, but they are a bit awkward with me sorting and packing, but this little loom is just the right size, easy to move from room to room and so relaxing.   No, Hazel I have not yet found my other 12″ loom, but  that is okay as it will show up one day.  In the meantime,  I have this 12″ to keep me relaxed and happy.  Thank you for sharing this craft and thank you for being so prompt in sending this wonderful product.
Take care and may God bless you and yours,
This dishcloth is mine, just an illustration of the kind of weaving Jodi was describing.

5 thoughts on “Sharing a nice letter from a weaver!

  1. It must be such a wonderful feeling for you to know a product you have lovingly created means so much to a fellow weaver. Not only keeping our hands busy but your looms provide a relaxing meditative outlet. In the over under repetitive motion our minds find a place to rest.


  2. What a great story. Having just moved, I can totally relate to the needing just the right tool and not being able to find it!


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