A bit of rain after the fire.

Actually a whole lot of rain! At one point it apparently put down 1″ in just 15 minutes. It was incredible & a little scary! Coffee Creek Road has a couple places where hw hill side blew out and has blocked the road but it was not a big flood by and large, just in places. But Mother nature doesn’t do Happy Medium.

Coffee Creek road. End of trip for now! And the Creek not so scenic now.

Water! Looks like you could walk on it!

Even our little Treasure Creek. Coffee Creek took out the dam so cut off the water for Treasure Creek, which is a good thing! But What a mess! Storm’s not over. They tell us that Sunday the rain will be heavier!



3 thoughts on “A bit of rain after the fire.

  1. Thank you. It does seem like that. They tell us that no matter how much rain we get, this will not make much difference in the drought. I just hope some of this soaked in a helps save the trees that managed to not to burn, else they may be ripe for it next summer. Raining pretty good tonight.


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