I promised a video but that’s not going to happen. I even downloaded a supposedly easy for beginners editing program. I think I got my video edited but now I can’t figure out what they want me to do to export it back to my computer file. However, it looks like it doesn’t matter. I tried loading it onto my blog as is and it i just won’t do it. It didn’t actually say so but I’m pretty sure it’s timing out as videos are Large files. I’ll try calling tds again tomorrow to see what’s up with the promised fiber optics.

2 thoughts on “Video

    • I’ve done them before. They are on You Tube “Weaver Hazel” but google won’t let me post there as it was long ago and I haven’t the faintest idea of the password I used. Nothing I’ve tired has worked, but they are still avaoilable for anyone who wants to look.


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