Making a little headway…

If  I had not been doing this project publicly in front of all of you it would have been shoved in the back of the closet by this time, to languish, probably for years. I don’t know what it is, seems to have been jinxed somewhere along the way. The weaving went fine but I have un-stitched this thing more than any other project I’ve yet undertaken! And I can only blame gremlins because it’s just stupid stuff, sewn the blocks together backward, sewn the new strip in the wrong place. This last time I thought it was going to be too small so added a strip and found it was way too big instead so have taken that off now. I am going to make a button band, either woven or probably knitted so I am leaving the front alone for awhile and will go to work on the sleeves. It fits pretty well except for the front of the arm holes. I’m not sure what the problem is there, maybe it needs a dart. If it’s too wide it’s too bad. But it’s not really a big problem so I’ll just leave it for now. Here’s what I have at this stage. Stella thought she’d help a bit but I declined. She’s really good at showing her feeling are hurt but I was in no mood to be sympathetic.

DSC03110  DSC03111

I’m thinking about trying a collar. Never have but I’ll wait until the sleeves are finished. I’m getting low on yarn too, so a lot depends on that. The shape woven yoke and sleeve bits worked fine, by the way. I’m thinking about the sleeve tops themselves now…


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