shape weaving

I’m back at it. I didn’t find my pattern but I did fins another one and between that and using my previous jacket as a pattern I think I’ve got it. I’m trying my hand at shape weaving working on a yoke. I thought it might be easier than the cut and sew  I did on the last one. Yet to be determined! lol But it seems okay so far. The test will come when I start putting it together.

Here’s a few pictures of this part. We bought a new cupboard for my dolls and it came in a huge cardboard box, nice thick cardboard and that’s what I’m using as the ‘loom’. I drew around the sized yoke pattern and started putting in pins. The article I read suggest putting in the pins as you warp. I can see why as the curves require different spacing. I just kind of felt my way along. I’m doing the same for the weaving. Once i get a little further along I’ll show you some close-ups. this is the same wool the squares are woven with. I saw an article where they wove a really neat yoke in a tapestry but my tapestry ‘skills’ are untested  so I think this first one will be just plain.


Yoke weaving

It’s coming along at a pretty good rate, in the time I have to work on it. I am pretty pleased so far;Yoke weaving 3

Yoke weaving 4

3 thoughts on “shape weaving

  1. Oh my gosh – what a concept! I’ve seen weaving done on cardboard with pins before but not like this. Makes me want to give it a go, I can’t wait to see the finished shirt. You go girl! You inspire me.


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