The lesson for today says add some color. There is all kinds of color… and not all off it looks like a clowns wig. I kind of like what are called “earth tones”. In fact, I took that rather literally and gathered some dirt and started painting Dirty Pictures.


I am finally going to learn how to use this blog thing… I hope.

The tutorial says I should: Tell us about you and what we’ll find on your blog.

Well, I am Hazel. I haven’t always been this old but have always been more or less  arty. I guess my main ‘art form’ would be drawing, extended to painting, but I have always been interested in any art form that crosses my path. I’ve dabbled in many, no point in listing them here, it would take all day, but they range from fiber crafts to metal & wood work. My Pop was a rock hound and lapidarist (is that a word?) and I tried my hand at those forms, too.  Momma taught me to crochet way back and my 4th grade teacher taught me to knit so yarn arts have always been in there, too. Is gardening an art? I don’t know that I have a green thumb but I enjoy my garden, too, both flowers and food. I’ve written some poetry and short stories, designed birthday and get well cards, written children’s picture books, directed siblings & off spring in musical plays, just for our own entertainment. i can  pick out a ragged tun on piano, cord a guitar, and used to be able to tootle a tune on a clarinet or flute. Badly in all cases and sing along as well, probably badly at that, too, but with Gusto! Well, I still sing along in the car! Randy and I celebrated our 34th year yesterday and he is having a birthday poker party with the boys for his day today.  I had mine a couple weeks ago, but we won’t talk about that. What else? Well, it’s already more than you wanted to know!

So what’ll you find on the blog? Pretty much what you have already found I’m sure. Stuff about the looms and my weaving projects. Stuff about my dolls and what I am making for them. Pictures of my garden and our trips hither and yon. Things I bake and can and a few pictures of the dogs and cats and the deer & other wild critters who wander though the place. We have two Stellar Jay nests this spring, there’ll be baby birds all over soon!Checkered lilies close

My checkered lilies are blooming again. and my peas are up. I’ll plant kale tomorrow. So there you have it for my first lesson in how to make a proper blog. I think it’ll get better. Well, to be honest, I hope it’ll get better!

But thank you for reading this, both of you, even if you are my sisters.


Valentines Loom!

Just wanted to offer a few ideas if you were wondering what you could do with the SweetHeart Loom. We make them in a larger size now, too.

Make a gift tag or do a bit of beading around the edges!

Jane finished2aKathy Warner 2


A pencil topper to write I love you. A valentine to say I love you. A bookmark to keep you place in a book you love!



pencil  topper 2aValentine 91Bookmark


A needle book to keep things together. A case for your phone. Or you can just wear your heart on your sleeve!


DSC00865Annette 2heart on my sleeve cropped


I’m sure you’ll find a lot more way to use them and they are fun, too. Older children love weaving on them as well. A customer says she makes little sachets using two and adds then to the packages when she ships out orders of her handwovens. She also keeps a bag of them with her when she goes out and gives one to anyone who looks like they are having a bad day and can use a little love. She says she has changed kiddies sobs to smiles with these little “hugs”.  So you can see there are plenty of ways to enjoy these little looms. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yours in natural woods or prettily painted.

paintedwoods small

Our Little SweetHeart.

It came about via a customer request and even tho I have not yet posted it to the web site we are already getting orders! I did make a little you tube video on how to weave it so I guess that shows that there are a few people who actually look at my movie productions! That’s heartening!

But here’s out little SweetHeart. You can see it and the rest of them at Canby this coming weekend at OFFF. Bring your umbrella!

DSC00671cardString of Hearts 3String of Hearts 1


Some pictures

Here’s a few of my pictures.  I did a series of self portraits for a show, running them down through the years. I don’t have them all digital but it started in my 20’s and went on up to the present. They were titled In my 20’s, In my 30’s etc and on up to the last one ! lol

20’s (& painted in my 20’s as well)

This one is In my 60’s.. It’s a dirt painting & not true to life. It was one of the times I never got around to having my hair cut but it was not red by that time. Should have used the red for the back ground and the grey for my hair but I still like it. You can tell that I’ve learned a bit about life in the interim.

And lastly… In my dreams   (When I was in high school I used to make 50 cent each painting ‘cheese cake’ on the hard hats of guys who worked on my dad’s survey crew!)

Well, painting is fun and I have made a few bucks, but probably  not enough to pay for all the supplies I’ve bought though the years!








Spring Trip

We spent our 28th anniversary and his 60th birthday on the road. Had a great time, too. Visited Death Valley.

and Las Vegas along with many other places along the way. I have way toop many pictures to share here, tho.

We say Donnie and Marie and they were great. What energy they have for people who are no longer really young!

We walked The Strip by night, a year-round Marti Gras! But we also spent time in the desert, quiet, cool and peaceful for the most part. It started to get warm by the time we got home and the streams are up and running today with the temps in the 80’s!

This is Walker lake, the most colorful lake I ever remember seeing. We spent an afternoon and night here. You will swear this is a painting but it is not and i did not do anything to the photo, it is just as it really looked.

and here we are at Burney Falls on the way Home.



Home again

Well, I’m sorry I did not keep my promise to post here while we were on our trip. I forgot to put up links for myself and I could not log in to my admin to post. You might just guess I am not really computer literate.  But we are home again and I have just made sure that I have the links I need the next time we go tripping! And I have tons of photos, of course, which I will not post here. Well, I’ll post some but not the ‘tons’.

The start of our trip was rather white and cold. This was a morning in Nevada where we stayed in a state park. Nice place but the weather wasn’t the greatest! lol

This is a waterfall in Zion National Park. There was just too much to see to even take it all in in one visit. Everything is too BIG!

These things are called HooDoos. They are the hard parts of the sandstone that was left after the rest washed away. This is Red Canyon and my favorite part.

This guy is apparently quite used to tourists in Brice Canyon park, as he sat there and let us take his picture until he got bored with the process and flew off to spiral heavenward on an updraft above this colorful canyon.

While we had snow in the beginning, the desert was blooming beautifully by the time we headed home. I took a bunch of flower pictures but this cactus was among the showy-ist

Met a great lady in this shop in Hatch, Utah. An artist after my own heart! I bought a ‘trinket’ in her shop and we talked art. She’s learning to spin and is taking rug weaving lessons from an Indian gentleman who raises sheep nearby. The town of Hatch is on highway 89 if you are in that part of the country you should not miss a chance to stop and browse her shop!

This is Mount Tom, taken from an over-look as we headed home out of  Bishop, CA. We drove up to Sabrina, not at the top but waaay up there. This is the Sierra Nevada range. There are gobs more pictures but  I think this is enough. You ought to go visit the desert someday, if you can. It is beautiful country to see, but I am happy to live just where I do.