It is still a UFO. I have torn the place apart, nearly literally, and still have not found my pattern. I am hornswoggled. But i did find a couple other’s that might work and i can use my last jacket as a guide as well, i suppose. But it beats mw what i could have done with it. I’m beginning to suspect it may have been accidently tossed out. But I have decided to try the shape weaving thing and weave my yoke in one piece. I laid out the pattern today and hope to get started weaving it tomorrow. I’m not going to try for fancy this time.

Other than that Stella is settling in pretty well. She had her ”wellness” vet visit and is on antibiotics to help her bites heal and another pill for a bladder infection. She need a tooth pulled as she has a broken canine tht is showing signs of abscess. But she is has all her shots, including rabies so is also now licensed and legal.

tag 2tag snow4

She also got to roll in the snow and thought that was pretty wonderful! She loves being outside, but is not quite sure what she’s supposed to do there. She walks around in squares, for the most part. Randy says it’s room size, a habit from living indoors. Could be. But she is learning to ride in pickup and golf cart, She’s learned she can drink from a creek and even wade though small ones. She & Robin are getting used to each other so I may try introducing Taz, who is the hard case in our cat family.

Hope you are enjoying your looms. Don’t give up on me!

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