And this is where the apples went.

PieBaked (163k image)

Well, this is a painting of where they went, anyway. (Not quite finished but… resting) The art web pages and magazines I have been reading all sing the praises of painter who portray Ordinary Things. The paint bicycle racks and piles of old tires… My pie is every bit as ordinary and a lot nicer to look at. And the model, as you can see, has been tested for authenticity. It’s the Real Thing. In fact, it was made from the apples off our heritage tree. Danged if I can remember it’s name but the ag agent was delighted to find it. We’re supposed to get a grafted sapling from the buds they took, as the tree is very mature. Planted back when this was a mining claim. It’s doing well, but won’t last forever so it would be nice to have a young’n.

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