Leno Lace soap bag

LenoLace (150k image)

Well, I finished my first bag. I was successful with the Leno lace, tho it doesn’t show very well here since I sewed it together upside down and didn’t notice until i had all the tails nicely woven in. Too bad. Anyway, I wove it on my 2 x 4″ Multi, I don’t (yet!) have a 4×6″. I think tho that I’m going to get out my prototype bookmark loom and work it on that. I don’t really need a soap bag, tho it’s cute. I enjoyed the Leno lesson and also found I like working with this line thread. I like the way it holds it’s shape, so I understand it softens with age & use so probably won’t stay like this.
Anyway, thanks to Jana for her lessons. If you haven’t visited her page you ought to! 🙂

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