Leno lace

Leno1 (73k image)

When I needed to loosen the extra loop with the linen yarn on the Multi, as Jana posted in her instruction http://eloomanator.eloomanation.com/?attachment_id=407
I found that the warps would not stay on the pins at first, so I used the old method we used to keep the loops on the pot holder looms for the kids. Put a rubber band around that row of pins. Worked great and when I needed to take it off to work the last row, I had used the slack so the threads stayed where they should. I’m not going to show you my Leno lace just yet. There are still a few ‘bugs’ to be worked out! I will say this… I pulled it out so often that I wore through my single linen thread and have a knot in the midst of my lace. I think I’m going to make a couple balls off this cone and ply some of this to make a slightly bigger and stronger yarn.

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