Our New Apple Peeler

NewApplePeeler (117k image)

The old antique gave up the ghost, or anyway, I can’t seem to sharpen the blade anymore and Randy found this one in a ‘junk’ shop for a dollar. first time I used it. It had a corer attached and it worked very nicely but I really don’t need the apples sliced quite this thin! lol But it’s a cute little spiral! :laugh:

I have enough peeled (we disengaged the corerr) and sliced for two pies, as soon as the crusts thaw. I forgot to take them out of the freezer this morning. And yes, I do use Mrs. Smiths crusts. I think she makes good ones and it’s a lot faster & less messy than me doing it. Even when I have to wait for them to thaw! lol Besides, I don’t want to crank up the oven until it cools off a little. It’s not really hot today, but it doesn’t take much to heat up the kitchen.

One is for our neighbor who shares his peaches (I owe him) and one I may freeze until Cousin comes back up. Or not! 😉

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