Artists In Action

aii3 (173k image)

Managed to get this one poor picture of Sis at her spinning wheel. Kinko had wandered off so hers was unmanned– un-womaned –that is, when I took this. We spun and weaved and talked and in general had a pretty good time but it got hot yesterday and we were on the afternoon side of the road so we had to pack it in before the 4pm official time, tho I think it was after 3 & we were not the first to leave. Sis sold some skeins of handspun & the owner of the yarn shop we were next to took the rest of her basket of mostly single skeins on consignment, at her own request, so Sis could still make a few more bucks from the day.
We cruised the art gallery’s and I picked up the painting I’d won in a raffle to raise $ to pay for the artist’s co-op gallery lights. I’d hoped to have won my own donation back. I think it was one of my best, but it went to some lucky person! lol All in all a nice day but the heat really got to me. I was exhausted by the time we got home. Thank goodness for left-overs. Dinner was cold corned beef sandwiches and sliced tomatoes. 😀

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