My new scrap box

Strata2 (155k image)

Okay, got it done. That was easy! One 14″ square, sewn into a tube and fitted over the oatmeal box. I rolled the bottom under just enough to be able to glue it to the edge of the rim & let that dry. I used a knitting needle to remove the plastic rim at the top of the box (it’s the large Quaker Old Fashioned… yours may be different, and it had a bit of the cardboard stuck to it, which is good as I don’t think my Elmer’s glue would stick to the plastic.) I pulled the top edge over and glued it just inside the top rim. Once that was dry I spread glue on the paper part and fitted the plastic rim back in. This takes some fiddling as it is a much tighter fit now! But here it is, all set to collect my snippin’s. 😀

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