Ready for the xmas sales.

xmascards2 (157k image)

Our assignment for art this week was christmas cards or small matted paintings for the December sale at the galleries. I decided to do cards. I can use them myself if they don’t sell. Evelyn seemed to think that people buy lots of cards there so I may pay for my supplies! 😛 I was running out of inspiration when I remembered my origami santas and found this nice plaid wrapping paper. I think they made up nicely. Just about forgot dinner, tho. Just made a quick trip to the Country Store and got hamburger and Helper. Haven’t had to fall back on that in awhile, but Himself will be home soon and hungry. And… he likes it! :O I think I’ll make some corn bread to go with.
Had a fire all day, shipped looms this morning and worked on my project on the 14″ square loom. The net was down… that’s a pain, but we’re working again.
Hope you’re having a good day! 🙂

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